Looking for decent anticheat...

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Hellinduction, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I have been looking for one for so long, my server is kitpvp, spigot 1.8.8 with viaversion support 1.14. I am struggling to find a decent anticheat, tried so many in the past and if i have to no longer support 1.9 + then i will because lets be honest, nobody pvp's on those versions. i am also open to switching to 1.7 support 1.8 at last resorts.
  2. Have you tried AAC or NCP?
  3. I do not recommend AAC currently. Until the author updates the plugin, stay away.
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  4. i have tried aac and ncp and spartan and iris and fiona, e.c.t, god ive even tried verus, none of them seem to be good.
  5. That's probably because you didn't config those plugins to the best of settings.