Looking For Decent PC Case

Discussion in 'Technology' started by ReadySetPawn, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. I need a decent PC case that supports ATX motherboards, has a side panel, and has decent airflow. My flexible budget is about $40. Have any good models in mind?
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. You may have to raise your price for a nice atx case. I just bought the NZXT Razer... Waste of $160.
  3. I might bump up my budget to $70. I'm thinking about getting the s340 from nzxt. You think that's a good choice?
  4. I love the NZXT series, I got the razer one bc I have all razer from mouse pad to microphone. And I like it also bc of the LEDs and I have green LEDs around my desk.
  5. I've never owned an nzxt product but I hear they're pretty good. I've seen some of their cases and they are to die for :D
    Also, I might get Razer peripherals once I decide to upgrade my keyboard and mouse. I might get Logitech though I don't know.
  6. Actually I'm using a mini atx board. I want a case with atx support so I have room for upgrade :)