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  1. I've been continuously upgrading my server for the past year and I think it's time again. Does anyone know/can vouch for a server provider that fits what I'm looking for:

    CPU better than i7-6700k (what I'm using now). I'd like to aim for an i9
    At least 2tb of disk space (not ssd, hdd works fine)
    Good ddos protection! This is important.
    A reasonable price..

    OVH is the obvious choice but they hardly offer anything better than what I already have. Plus their plans are almost twice the price of what I'm paying. But my current dedi can't handle the 80+ consecutive players I have online and my server has been hit with ddos attacks regularly. I'm willing to scale up to keep players happy.

    So what would you suggest?

    (Hetzner is the cheapest I've found that offers what I'm looking for, but they only have servers in Finland and Germany and their ddos protection doesn't get good rep online)
  2. The only reason I can think of that you would need servers that powerful is if either

    A: You are running a massive corporation that has nothing to do with minecraft

    B: You are trying to run a medium to large network on one machine.


    C: Something is terribly wrong with your data processing and/or machine configurations. HDD is only good for storing backups and such, but if its being utilized for Data processes like MySQL then you're just killing your own server.

    If it is B then seriously look into instancing. It will be a lot cheaper than finding a cutting edge superocmputer. In additon, CPUs that are more powerful than what you already have are the XEON processors which the dedicated OVH servers use (not their game series).

    If it is C, then i feel that the answer is obvious.

    That being said, its hard to say without knowing more information as to what exactly you are trying to run. To me, that sounds ridiculous even knowing what major networks operate off of. But if you are fully set on those specs, you'd save way more money be purchasing and building a PC to that spec and running it in your own home.

    Now, with avoiding DDoS attacks, there are a lot you can do. Make sure that youre using a custom IP address. Not posting the direct IP is vital as that would provide hackers and idiots a direct line to your server. It sounds like you need to move to a host with reliable DDoS protection (OVH, just saying) and switch to SSD. On the linked site, it states absolutely nothing about DDoS protections. If nothing else, you can purchase DDoS software for your individual server, provided you have that level of access to the Network. And another option of course, is to get in contact with your host and explain the situation with the DDoS and see if they can do anything to help as well.

    Im sure there are more experienced individuals than myself when it comes to these issues, however from my own personal experience, that is the best advice that I can offer you.

    Edit: changed option B to Medium to Large network
  3. I run an anarchy server, which is both why I need a large hard drive (the map is nearly 1tb in size) and why I need a better CPU. The entire server is one instance... Most anarchy servers are running on an i9-9900k because of its single thread performance and are able to hold 100+ players with 20 tps. My tps drops with only 60 players because of entities, chunk loading, blocks, movement, etc. But besides all of that, my dilemma is the ddos attacks that have been completely taking my server offline for hours. OVH game servers have far better protection than what I'm getting, but they don't offer better specs than what I already have. I'd like to know if there are any server providers that can offer me an upgrade in hardware and still give me sufficient protection.
  4. In that case there is not much I can suggest, beyond maybe reducing the information stored in backups and maybe some entity management plugins (but ofc then it isnt truly Anarchy is it :/ ). Good luck mate!
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  5. Hi, have you seen this?
    are you using a MC-32 ?
    It can really be a problem to change companies I have had several problems with other companies with issues of attacks which could never be mitigated for that reason I am with OVH
    I've tried https://www.x4b.net/ to mitigate attacks
    but this can be a problem since x4b creates a tunnel and hides the IP of all users and the real ip server
  6. OVH Infra-2 is the best server they offer for Minecraft at the moment. I would personally not bother with x4b and go straight for https://tcpshield.com
  7. I'm leaning towards the overclocked i7-7700k with OVH
    Yeah I want to go to OVH but at the same time I'd like to upgrade the CPU. I'm not with OVH right now.

    Also, is there any downside to buying the overclocked game server from ovh? I know it means the CPU won't last as long but it's not like it's my hardware. They should replace it right?
  8. The downside is that there's better CPUs for the price.
    Look at the Infra-2 like I said.
  9. You're right, that does look really good. But does it include ddos protection? They market their "GAME" series of servers as having the best ddos protection but it isn't listed anywhere for infrastructure servers. I don't want to use any external protection like TCPShield or x4b.

    Edit: Ok I sort of found my answer, they say on their website here: "Permanently active L7 mitigation protection, exclusive to Game servers and specifically designed for certain gaming and communication protocols." I'm assuming infra-2 would lack that... That's the only thing deterring me from buying it. Also could someone with more knowledge explain what they even mean by that? Is there really any difference between their normal mitigation and "game server" mitigation? They are extremely vague about explaining it on their website.
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  10. Have you looked at Heavynode.com yet? Their Standard plan starts with the 7700 and premium is 9900. They have vps and dedicated as well.