Looking for "demo server" for plugins.

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  1. Do you know that type of websites that offer a demo website with full admin permissions you can test, but resets like every 10 minutes?
    I'm looking for something similar, but for plugins. Does anyone know if this exists? Or do you know a good way I could do this myself?

    I'd be using it for a demo server for my plugin.
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  2. If you mean you want to test your plugins on a server (temporarily).
    Just do a research for free minecraft hosts, however, hosting it on your PC is more safe for you / your plugins to not be stolen, and you will get a better ping ;).
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  3. I know how to do that. I'm looking for a demo server I can set up where people can try out my plugin before buying. Ideally, this server would reset every 10 minutes, so that configuration changes and world changes are reverted again, but users can freely test the plugin.
  4. If you have a dedicated server machine why not host it yourself on there? That's what we do without our server. Another option is to run it on your own hardware, so basically the same as the first suggestion. I'm not aware of any "free" hosting services worth trying.