[Looking for Dev] To continue plugin (80~90% finished)

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  1. Copy n Pasted from bukkit forums.. I hope I can find a dev here.
    Chappro and stuntguy3000 wasn't able to do it, got ripped off real hard by stuntguy for $10 decompile of the plugin, eh.
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  2. You paid someone $10 to decompile a plugin? Lol.
  3. Java.decompiler.free.fr/preview lol there are even online decompilers, takes 1 min.
  4. "perhaps dota 2 keys, tf2 crate keys" Dem Perks.
  5. Well, I was desperate for the plugin to be finished and he said he needed to decompile it and turn it into a eclipse project file in order to work on it, so I said yes... He asked $15 at first lol... then he said he couldn't work on the plugin after I paid him to decompile..
  6. I can decompile the java plugins, it's easy, i can do it for you free
  7. Already have the decompiled plugin into a eclipse project file, just need a dev :rolleyes:
  8. I'm developed some plugin for my server, i could help you, but the problem, i have a bit of difficulty to speak english because i'm italian. If you are interested send me a pm