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  1. Hello I am looking for a developer for my Minecraft server. My Minecraft server is pretty new, and I am currently one of the only devs the server. i have aboout about two years experience, so thats why i need the help. you can just come on and kind of help me out developing and getting started I did not need you as a permanent developer but. Kind of low on funds at the moment, but I may be all the work a small price out with you so you can add me we can talk about prices if need be.
    Thanks All!

    Discord -- ⋘ WᓰLL⋙#8908
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  2. Not the right place for this thread post it in hiring dev
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  3. I cant my account isent old enough so....
  4. Then don't post a thread and wait and actually be useful.
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  5. Heellp
    Why does no one read the sticky? Read the sticky + wait until your account is old enough.
    Do you think that it is fair if you get to hire devs with a new account and other have to wait to post in the Hiring Devs section?
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  6. why is spigot so useless I'm going back to bungee fuck this shit. and if they didn't put an account age limit it would be an issue. would it.
  7. Then go to a different website
    Spigot does it so they know your not just a person that's not real about hiring people
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