Looking for Developer for KITPVP plugin

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  1. Looking for developer to make me a KitPvP plugin, Will pay 15 USD

    Heres how it goes,

    Player joins server for first time

    They have a book named 'Kits', they open the book, a GUI opens up with Kit options (links in with essentials, I already have kits setup for donor ranks and crap)

    They try to exit it, Says they need to choose a kit first, So they choose one of the non donor kits,

    they jump down into the custom map i have, they fight with there friends, then they die.

    so now they open the book in there hand to choose another kit, gui opens,they choose a kit, blah blah blah

    I need it so there is only one kit per life and once they pick the kit, the book goes out of there hand and the items come in. I would like it so armor is automaticly put on there body, and for the kits that require speed, i would want them to get speed.

    I currently just use chestcommands for my donor/normal kits, BUTTT this makes it so they can choose multipule kits during there life time. also its just clunky. add me on discord: Admarm#8806

    or join my servers discord: https://discord.gg/nXwWk3A

    Thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this. If something is wrong with this post, Dont hate on me, Just tell me friendly. Godbless -Admarm
  2. this isn't the Hiring Developers Section... use the Hiring Developers in Services & Recruitment - v2
  3. There are a lot of plugins just as you descibed but sometimes googling is hard.
  4. Lol i've tried, I cant find anything
  5. You dont need to be a jerk about it, Just calm down. Nobody did anything to you, if your going to be mean to me. just leave
  6. And this is not want I want, I want one that links in with essentials. read the post before getting pissed off
  7. What's the difference between creating a kit inside of the plugin instead of the ess?
  8. The deal is I dont need a plugin that already comes with 18 kits, or a 1v1s arena I also dont want them to need to use a command to join a ffa arena, it's my decision not yours. So back off
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  9. if you open the thread in the Services & Recruitment - v2 i'll surely help you out with it. i could make for you something like this

    15$ aren't enough for a kind of project like this, i am being honest, its around 15-50$
  10. I can maybe do that price range.
  11. Sounds good, any away to contact you privately so we can Discuss?
  12. wrong section bro, post it in the Services & Recruitment - v2 section
  13. Already told him, he didn't listen and he found someone already anyway.
  14. aah alright thnx for letting me know
  15. EU:LA