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  1. Hello guys, I am just looking for some economy plugin, that still works normally on minecraft 1.13 and it still hooks to Vault cuz of integration with some plugins...I tried NUMEROUS plugins and none of them seemed to work properly so...please halp x)
  2. That is too complex honestly....i have a small parkour server and I don't really need that stuff there...any other ideas you have?
  3. Well essentialsx are literally the essentials of every server. Economy, managment commands, Build protection, bla bla bla
    Even the single gamemode servers should have essentialsx in my opinion
  4. RAMs are not asking for that...i'll leave it for my latest option, but still...
  5. I disagree. Essentials is indeed, as the name suggestions, an essential plugin, but definitely way too overkill for plenty of gamemodes. It's fine in Factions, Towny, Survival, Skyblock, etc etc, but for a lobby server, Minigames, MMORPG or other related games, Essentials is completely unwanted. I don't use Essentials myself for example; it's way too overkill and way too much for what I need.

    How about SaneEconomy? Or you can check yourself on the category of Economy plugins here.
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  6. Maybe its me that Im so used to type /gms /gmc that I even type it in singleplayer. I also use a lot of times /skull or /head. Maybe Its only me that I use essentials for the not-gameplay part. I even use essentials for my chat.
    Who knows.. Maybe im the only person that thinks it the best.
  7. Don't get me wrong, Essentials is a great plugin and even I often use /gmc in singleplayer from time to time only to get my hopes and dreams crushed... So yes, essentials is a wonderful plugin suited for most servers, but not all (at least not if you want to optimize things as much as possible).
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  8. Hum now that you are bringing the optimize thing, I wonder if I cant get rid of it. Im doing a custom gamemede with lots of plugins and optimizing it is not a bad idea.. I mainly use essentials for the economy and the prefix part.
    Btw this is going too off topic
  9. This plugin solved my problem, thank you very much... :D
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