Looking for Faction's Enthusiast

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  1. Hey Fam!

    I'm currently developing a factions server, I thought I would be able to finance the entire process myself but I was wrong. I'm looking for people who could help finance this development and also co-own the server with me.

    The server is called Damnation and it's currently hosted by Shockbyte, it still needs a lot of work to reach it's potential. There is no spawn or warzone setup so that what I'm currently working on, I underestimated how much these builds would cost me and due to this it's slowing down my productivity.

    I am also looking for people to do artwork for the server so if anyone is interested please contact me.


    Add me on discord
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  2. Thanks for honesty I guess .. but I'll find funding somehow
    Thanks for the links too
  3. Strahan


    Have you found him yet? I can't speak for Faction, but I personally hate when I lose my Enthusiast.

    You don't have to purchase builds; you can just build your own. It may not be as easy and/or grandiose, but it's free.

  4. I haven't found him yet :p or it could be a girl gender neutral here.
    I suppose so I could just build it by myself.