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  1. Please Comment Custom Games And Not Generic Ones!!

    Hello, I am going to run a minecraft server thats 1.5GB on each game and the hub will be 1GB (3 games) here are my budgets:

    $30 For Plugins
    $10 For Addons

    So, let me know some cool custom games to add or generic games with a twist or if your a developer can you be my dev please I can pay around $1 per plugin maybe more
  2. latiku


    It's not custom if it's public
  3. @maplesauce I dont get what your saying yes its a public server but I want custom game types for players to play on and not generic ones like Factions & Prison or if they are I want them with a twist
  4. A good advice: Start creating a concept before creating a server. You don't wanna buy some sh*t some users here tell you've gotta buy. So here are some steps you should complete before buying plugins:

    1: Have an idea you like (What is the server about? Do you like Anime? Then make an anime server! Give it a name you like!)
    2: Create a conecpt as well as a structure around that idea (What games do I want? What games fit to the idea?)
    3: Look for a hoster that fits to your imagination (How much money is it worth buying a server? Can I be sure that my server is going to have as many players as I think right now?)
    4: Look for a server team that helps you creating the server (You have to trust them! Maybe some friends from reallife that also play minecraft?)
    If your minigames of step number 2 were invented games, also look for some good developers! You can find them in minecraft community forums.
    5: This is the creation time of your server (in my opinion the most beautiful part of the job of the server team, at least for the developers). In this time, just the Development of your minigames as well as of your concept matters.
    6: Searching for players (Use big community platforms, twitter, youtube, or anything else for advertisement. Imporant: Don't spam your message with the ip everywhere. Write a long description about your server's concept, the idea, etc... Remember: You want to convince the players to join your server!)
    7: You should have your server bought since step 5 or maybe at the end of step 4. Of course, you can try to create a small, faithful community since around step 4, so in the end, you don't have a server without any players.
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