Looking for good host.

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  1. I was on GGServers just I don't have words, my services were shutdown 5th times the panel was not working, they are making invoices for nothing. Just don't buy from them something..

    And now I'm searching again better hosting than them..
    1. How many servers do you run? - 3 servers 1 Bungee 512 MB ram 1 which will be lobby and 3th is the main server (Faction server)
    2. What type of servers do you run? - Factions.
    3. On average, how many players do each of your servers have per day? - 100.
    4. Where are most of your players located - Europe.
    Example: Hardware Information
    1. What type of hosting are you looking for? I don't know.. This is the question.
    2. What is your monthly budget? My monthly budget is 40~ USD.
    3. Do you mind setup fees? No.
    4. How much memory will you need for the entire server itself? This is the another question...
    5. What type of CPU would you prefer? I don' know...
    6. How much storage space will you need? I have CoreProtect maybe something like 100 GB.
      • What type of storage would you prefer? - Solid State Hard Drive
    7. Would you like DDoS protection? I don't know is good to have it.
  2. I think omgserv is one of the best host
  3. Look for reviews. Make sure you choose a host with a lot of experience.
  4. A server from Kimsufi or SoYouStart would be good places to look at.
  5. If you do go to one of these make sure you know how to run a server correctly. Or at least know how to install multicraft.
  6. Celebrimbor


    It's safe to say any host as an alternative to GGServers is a good move. Even the dreaded MCProhosting.

    But yeah, don't do that either.
  7. Www.beastnode.com
  8. nitrous-networks.com
  9. Hex

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    I'd get one of the cheaper dedicated servers from Kimsufi.
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  10. Since you're targetting Europe most of the providers using OVH will be perfect for you which gives you a lot of options. I'd suggest trying out ExtraVM.
  11. I would probably use the 20€ 10GB package on http://mchost.yolasite.com for factions and the 3€ 1GB for bungeecord and lobby... If you need help, check my Services and Recruitment Server Administration post, I offer cheap help with servers :)
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