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  1. I am looking for a good vps for a good price with at least 6gb ram or higher to get started start building and upgrading as I go or if I have any tips what to start with let me know

    I will be hosting around 5-10 servers creative factions prison etc and maybe add mini games sooner or later
  2. Contabo vps with ovh vps.

    Ovh vps for the DDoS protection
  3. Contabo is indeed good. So is Kimsufi (Cheap dedicated) and OVH.
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  4. Contabo will get you excellent performance for just 9 bucks a month
  5. What do you think the best plan would be
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  6. You are just about to start, right? It totally depends on your playercount.
    If you have like 1-20 the VPS M SSD would be enough, I would say. But it depends on so many factors, like plugins, optimization etc. Later you defenitly want to grab something with more cores, since you want to host 5-10 servers, right?
  7. The op needs around 8+-24
  8. Hi there,

    Seeing as you want multiple Gamemodes on I presume a bungee network, might I suggest this as your setup:

    Option 1:

    Cost: $41.99 Monthly
    RAM: 24GB
    Store: https://www.ovh.com/us/vps/vps-cloud-ram.xml
    With Pterodactyl Panel: https://pterodactyl.io/
    Cost: FREE

    This is Pricey but exactly what you're looking for, I recently discovered this deal they offer I think it is great for MC Servers/Networks how ever you only get 200GB Disk Space which you may run out of in the future, as I woukd imagine you would not onl use this for your MC Servers, But Discord Bot's of your own for your Server and just general storage or may be used to host a TeamSpeak 3 Server or another Game Server, for your network.

    As you're wanting Prisons one of the most resource hungry game-modes out there due to mass spawning and powerful pickaxes with muiltiple player's doing multiple things at once, you're going to need a lot of RAM.

    Mini Games too is very resource hungry.

    So you're going to need a lot more than 6GB of RAM unfortunately.

    Option 2:

    Is to get yourself a 16GB Dedicated Server for Daemon, (Your actual Server) which can be for around $40 Monthly.

    and get yourself a 1GB VPS for the control panel which is about $3.49

    Located here: https://www.ovh.com/us/vps/
    With Pterodactyl Panel: https://pterodactyl.io/

    Due to advertisement rules if you want to know a Unmanaged Dedicated Server Host just PM me.

    Your third option is to save yourself some cash and just start off with one Gamemode, so you don't have such a huge expense at the beginning of your adventure of Minecraft Server Hosting.

    Another option is to just to go for Shared MC Server Hosting, as they tend to be cheaper.
  9. Contabo & OVH VPS is a heck lot of cheaper.

    I'm running on my OVH VPS a GRE tunnel to my contabo VPS since OVH can block more DDoS attacks then Contabo.

    The CPU performance of contabo is great compared to OVH
  10. 41€ OVH vs 15€ Contabo + 3€ OVH Vps
    Just keep in mind, that you pay a high premium for the 99,99% uptime
  11. Host a Minecraft server on OVH VPS for an easy ban from OVH.
  12. What would you need the $3 OVH VPS for?
  13. You could use it for a test server?
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  14. For ddos protection. Contabos protection is not worth mentioning ;)
    Gre Tunnel to contabo
  15. The DDoS protection of contabo isn't the best compared to the one of OVH.

    I have a VPS from OVH running in their SBG/Strasbourg datacenter. It's a ping of around 10-14ms extra to contabo but it's worth. I'm not noticing any lag between both VPS's when I'm playing survival on it
  16. Contabo sits in munich/nurnberg. Keep that in mind. If you are from the US, you should better stick to local companies... The ping is horrible high. From munich to Texas I got a average ping of 220..
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  17. I get a 90-140ms ping to new jersey/new york. Sometimes to other locations in the US a 400+ms ping
  18. Keep in mind, Texas is even farer away then nyc. Also it seems like isps in the us are throttling traffic way more then European telecom already doing. That's probably were the huge ping spikes come from ;) but that's not a confirmed fact ;)
  19. Every ISP has a different way to route their traffic