looking for help or a pluggin so i can sell region to people

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ahikhe, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I am busy building my minecraft server and wer a long end !

    now im at the part i want to create regions so people can buy regions (i got worldedit worldguard and buyregion. also i got a curency)

    i got everything and everything works except worldguard... i just dont know how this worked, i checked online videos, tutorials and name it, i can make a region, name it, and sell it BUT

    What i want is for example this: Somone sees a nice plot of land but they cant do anything, they cant enter the land nothing. only look at it, not grieving, not building, not destroying, nothing, but if they buy the land they can do what they want there...

    thats what i want but somehow its easyer sayd that done,

    i hope somone can help me with this, i got skype

    also without the buying and selling part i just cant get the flags to work so people cant enter a region, i got for example a admin house where only the admins can come, yet on my second acount if i go to my server he can just get into the house yet i toughd i putted flag entry deny or something

    well... for now il just keep building my dungeons, hope somone come fly around to help me!