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  1. I was wondering if somebody could help me with an issue I hve currently,
    I have donator ranks, and A-G ranks on my server.
    I also have a few donator ranks, when somebody donates they get '[A][DonatorRank]
    but I want them to be able to keep their prison rank and doantor rank for example:
    But my issue is with pex and the ranking ladders, I've looked a tutorials and not really much help.

    Any help would be appreciated
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  2. You should make the prison rank a suffix: [ExampleVIP] Kopsukka [A]
  3. I made the prison rank a suffix and it's still no joy,
    I need an example of a pex group ladder.
  4. Its possible if your Prison Plugin has an APi so u can get the Rang an set the Chat format in your own Plugin.
  5. I saw a plugin that adds a prefix to a player if they have a permission so you could add that perm as per player. If this is what you want I will try to find it for you.
  6. Hi this is something totally unrelated, all your ideas were great help.
    But I recently installed the 'crateplus' plugin and I'm not too fond of it, now my issue is the hologram it gives you when you create are now stuck in the middle of my spawn and are not deleting.. I've tried reinstalling the plugin and disabling the holograms but no joy.. Please tell me this isn't stuck here forever:(

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