Looking for host for solo creative server.

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Ivain, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. So for the past year or so I've had my private creative server hosted on Minespan. After all this time, their poor performance has finally started to piss me off enough to consider leaving their ridic-low prices.

    I'm looking for a host where I can get a server for $10 per month or less that will only see 1 or 2 players, but can handle a lot of Voxelsniper and Worldedit (WE has Async but voxel does not).

    I'm anything but an expert on this, so any advice in general will help.

    Please don't bother advising hosts that charge more than $5 per GB, I simply cannot afford that in my current situation.
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  3. I'll definitely take a look. Quite literally broke at the moment, but after my next payment I'll take a look at it.
  4. @Ivain Use the host in my signature I really like their support and I haven't had any downtime yet :)
  5. anvilnode is great aswell has extravm!
  6. I suggest checking out ImmortalNetwork . They offer very cheap and reliable servers from any price range that you may be looking for. Give them a look, I vouch
  7. well, I guess I'll give most of these a shot. Was hoping for people with some specialist knowledge on what sort of hardware a host would need to have, but I can hardly expect everything :p
  8. Why not just localhost, if your server is private?
  9. Well, that would depend on your budget I suppose. Cheaper (budget if you will) hosts often run on E5 CPUs with 64+ GB of RAM. While the premium hosts ($6+/GB) often run on E3 CPUs with 32GB of RAM resulting in less servers per node. I'll happily explain in more detail and answer any questions you may have about hardware and hosting via PM if you'd like.
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  10. because I have a shitty pc. i3 with 8GB of RAM, a lot of which I use for other things at the same time. I'll consider a localhost once i have an i7 with 32 GB of RAM, that should hold out long enough.
  11. yeah no thanks. Last time I made use of them I paid $30 per month for a server that still crashed all too regularly.
  12. I recommend WebSound ( https://websound.co.uk/aff.php?aff=128 ) they offer great service, cheapset server is £1.50 ($1.94 at the current exchange rate) It comes with
    • 0.5GB RAM
    • 10 Players Recommended
      Customisable Player Slots
    • Unmetered SSD Disk Space
    • Free MySQL Database
    • Free BuyCraft Ultimate Trial
    • Free Enjin Advanced Trial
    • Multicraft Control Panel
  13. Because they're the most overpriced hosting services ever and people think they're good because they pay servers like Hypixel to shout them out, when in reality, when I had a server with them, it took 4 days for them to reply to my ticket ( my server was down for 4 days, and I lost over 40 players and the issue was that they said "simple mistake on their side") they save all of your server files, even if you cancel the services with them and I have no god damn idea what they do with them, especially if they get hacked and server files leaked.
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  14. to get half the amount of RAM from them that I'm getting now (2GB is my minimum, from experience), I'd need to pay more than 3 times as much as I do now. I think I'll stick with one of the others that ask $3-5 per GB instead of $10. If I go for a 4GB from MCpro, I'm 20 bucks off renting a small dedi elsewhere.
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  15. I have an i3 with 8GB of ram too, and it can run a server with 10 chunk distance, plus minecraft, an IDE, a browser and a game or two at the same time with no issues.

    I have had other players online to test stuff fairly often, it can support 2-4 people before it has any problems, and those are all due to internet speed, cpu is fine and ram is not even detectably higher.
  16. well, I don't think my PC can handle running a local + minecraft + firefox, considering that it sometimes has trouble even starting up skype or firefox. It's likely due to my shitty HDD. my CPU and RAM are fine unless I run too many intensive programs, but my disk reading/writing speed is constantly maxed out most of the time.
  17. Your HDD is not shitty, just horribly abused.

    Turn off the shit windows scheduled defrag (start > "defrag" > defragment your hard drive > turn off schedule )
    Run http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/disk-defrag/ defrag and optimize sort, you will be amazed at how much faster stuff loads.

    HDD should have no effect on your ability to multitask, unless it is horribly messy. This program sorts files in a way that reduces the amount of time the hard drive needle spends wandering back and forth.
  18. And dont mind questionable business practices.