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Wich host should I use for a network?

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  1. HumbleServers

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  2. SparkedHost

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  3. Dashflo

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  4. EasyMinecraftHosting

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  5. AccurateNode

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  1. Hello there I've been using Pebblehost for a while and it's good but I want something powerful since you can't upgrade Cores unless you get the Extreme plan and I also want to build a Network.

    So I was interesed in these, https://humbleservers.com/ https://sparkedhost.com/ https://dashflo.net/
    Some people say that https://easyminecrafthosting.com/ is also good but I don't really know
    And... https://accuratenode.com/ I don't really know this one, it has good/bad reviews

    So I'm mostly interested in Sparked since they have a host in Miami(Would be great I got like 110-130)
    So well the question is wich one would y'all recommend to me? based on price/performance

    AccurateNode have a great price but reviews..
  2. My personal opinion, of course, but if it was me I would get a dedicated server from OVH or somewhere like that and run different instances on that to create a server network.
  3. ExtraVM has VPS in Miami.
  4. I use Dashflo personally and have done so for 1+ years now and I can say that their servers are very fast and powerful. They are soon also upgrading their Minecraft servers to Ryzen 5000 CPU's. (If you want to help me out a bit there is also an affiliate link in my status.)
  5. I have been using Humble for a long time, Very very good Host. They provide Ryzen 5950X for $2.75/GB. 100% Humble From my side.
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  6. I would recommend Humble since they never let me down since I started with them in around 2019.
  7. Personally I have been with humble servers for the past couple of months, and tbh I’ve never been great at coding with plugins, all of humble servers staff are amazing and have guided me through stuff, specially when I mess up and crash something I can’t fix and I get a free back up.

    One of the best hosts in by far
  8. How big of a playerbase and do you know if their ddos protection is good?
  9. Labradorhost doesn't have much of a website. There appears no information related to dedicated IP address. Only a simple contact us form... looks pretty sketchy.
  10. 75c per GB. I'd stay away.
  11. Dashflo has a really dark background, I would stay away..
  12. Nah they're good. Have used in the past. Got free trials as well. What do you mean by "no information related to dedicated ip adress"?
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  13. I would recommend MixmlHosting or Clovux. MixmlHosting has great Minecraft plans while Clovux has great, cheap, and affordable Dedicated server plans.