Looking for hosting.

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  1. Example: Minecraft Server Information
    1. How many servers do you run? 1
    2. What type of servers do you run? Custom RPG Prison
    3. On average, how many players do each of your servers have per day? I expect to have at least 20-50 active players.
    4. Where are most of your players located? North America
    Example: Hardware Information
    1. What type of hosting are you looking for? Shared Hosting
    2. What is your monthly budget? Maybe up to 30-40 usd.
    3. Do you mind setup fees? No
    4. How much memory will you need for the entire server itself? 6 or 8GB
    5. What type of CPU would you prefer?
    6. How much storage space will you need? As much as possible
      • What type of storage would you prefer? I would prefer SSD.
    7. Would you like DDoS protection? Yes.
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  2. Shared hosting would be for you, but if you’re really set on dedicated servers, look at SoYouStart, preferably their game servers.
  3. Can you explain me why do you think Shared hosting would be better?
  4. Runing a server with 30 players doesn't require a dedicated server. You can take a look at Nitrado or Nitroserv who offer high quality, but not cheap. If you really want a dedicated, you can take a look at the SoYouStart game servers.
  5. I did some research so yea, I would like shared hosting :D
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  6. I use pebblehost, would recommend.
  7. I've been happy with Bisecthosting for the past two years. Tickets answered very quickly, never any lag. A little on the pricey side, but within your budget.
  8. I use Heavynode, have 7 servers there with them. There's no setup fee's, they'll migrate, and install what you need for you.

    You can often get a discount for new services as well from their discord channel (holiday one just expired, unfortunately). But their prices are fantastic, as is their service.
  9. Hey, add me on discord I can make a nice offer for you!

    Britton B#4121
  10. I personally have used pebble host ever since I first purchased a service from them. While their hardware may not be the best, they're very cheap, and their support is generally rather fast.
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  11. Here is a small list of some hosts that I have personally use or have used.

    RamShard $3/GB Answers tickets quickly amazing quality Xeon Intel CPU's
    PebbleHost: $2.50/GB Slow support good service Xeon Intel CPU's
    TitanNodes: $1.90/GB Extremely Slow support Funny owner Intel i7-4760k-i9-9900k CPU's
    WitherHosting: $1.50/GB Quick Support Good service Ryzen 2nd/3rd gen, Intel i7-7700k, Intel Xeon CPU's
  12. Pebble's support has always been rather fast in my experience. Longest I've had to wait for a response was 15 mins. Perhaps I'm just an anomaly?
  13. TitanNodes doesn't offer 9900k's btw* Only does 6700k, 7700k and 9700k.
  14. I'm running my own hosting:
    PapersHosting: $1/GB Fast support good service Xeon Intel CPU's
    Xeon E5-2440 2.4GHz ECC DDR3 1333MHz
    Enterprise-Grade SSD's
    100Mbps Uplink
    Full SFTP File Access
    Pterodactyl Panel
    Up to 5 Free MySQL Databases
    Amazing Discord Support
    Java & Bedrock
  15. I'm not sure if I think this is funny that I probably never met you or the fact you completely made up the hardware we use. :devilish:
  16. konsolas


    TitanNodes has been great for me so far. I used to be on BisectHosting but they're a little on the expensive side and Multicraft feels quite old compared to Pterodactyl.
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  17. I did not mean anything by that and sorry for giving you a better cpu than what you actually use?? I was just going off what i had heard from friends very sorry did not mean it in a mean way. and you are funny (not meant in a mean way)
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