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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Cmoor, May 31, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm here on the look out for a plugin that, upon given permissions, will change the hunger rate of certain players with said permissions. Just so certain players don't have to worry so much about losing there hunger so fast. Example:

    Player 1: hunger rate reduced by 10% and has the permission hungerrate.10percent
    Player 2: hunger rate reduced by 30% and has the permission hungerrate.30percent

    Also would like it to where higher percentages take over lower percentages upon rank up. Pex compatible. Latest spigot jar 1.8.6. Additional option to custom make percentages in config, if not at least 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50% hunger rate reduction.
  2. You could do some of what your trying to do in the spigot.yml config.
  3. I'm aware of that but as I stated, I want to give certain people different hunger rates.
  4. Custom plugin,
    I don't know of any plugin that does this. I know of one that gives you full hunger always.
    If custom what's your price range?
    @BetaNyan might be able to make this if you give your price range and when you need it by.
  5. ive never actually bought a custom plugin from someone, other than the bought plugins here on spigot, so i dont really know a good range. im willing to negotiate though. as far as a time i need it by? whenever possible haha im in no rush for it
  6. @Latouth is right... I never found a plugin like this on spigot or bukkit. So try to speak with a developer, even if I think that it is a little bit "useless"...
    A plugin like this, would take at most a little hour (when you are slow...) and I think a developer would not waste his time for something like this ;)
    But it's just my thought.
  7. I just figure that on my skyblock server, it would be a little feature you can get when ranking up. On the u SkyBlock plugin this feature exists. I use aSkyblock because I prefer it. Though this does not have that feature. And the dev said he won't add it either probably for the same reason you mentioned but hey everyone's different.
  8. I need this plugin too...
  9. @Cmoor @dvargas135
    I need this plugin three...

    Some time has passed since June when this plugin suggestion was brought up.
    Is there any news?
  10. No I ended up giving up on my search. Sorry man.
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  11. woah nice one! glad some developers are so willing to change their plugin around to add new features. Thank you for the input, i might use this when i reopen my skyblock server.
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