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  1. I've been a programmer for a few years now, got back into minecraft a few months ago and started making some plugins for a server I play on. I'm looking for some new stuff to make and I'm wondering if I could get some ideas here.

    Thanks :)
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    Based on a previous post of his that is what he is working towards. Currently he is lacking the requirements to post in that section which is why he is trying to get his post count up.
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  4. I get that. But I don't feel that's a good enough reason to offer services elsewhere.
    But maybe I'm just stubborn.
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  5. I've got a challenge for u:

    Anti Cheat based on Machine Learning.

    My private Anti Cheat detects anything by using Machine Learning.

    It can currently detect:

    • AutoArmor
    • AutoSoup
    • KillAura
    • Multi KillAura
    • WaterWalking
    • Flying
    • Speed
    • Glide
    • FastFall
    • Spider
    • HighJump
    • LongJump
    • VClip & NoClip
    • ChestStealer
    • FastLadder
    • Aimbot
    • AntiKnockback
    • Reach
    • Fast Regen
    • Crit Helper
    • Fast Bow
    • FastBreak
    • Nuker
    • FastPlace
    • Freecam
    • ChatSpam
    • NoSwing
    • FastEat

    You could try to create an anticheat like mine (most of the detections have around 99.999% to 99.9999% accuracy) and make it public.
    I bet there are a lot of people who would like to have a free anti cheat that works like this :)
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    Missed the last sentence. You’re right - I’ve edited that part out (y)