Looking for Long-term Developer, Not Freelancer (Will Pay)

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  1. I'm not looking for one of those surfer developers that are just here to build you a plugin real quick for some cash and then ditch on you. I understand the business, but also personally find it quite dumb. Developers could make a lot more money by joining a project rather than helping out many, at least if the project they join is successful.

    I have a proposal to you developers. I am a very creative and passionate person when it comes to designing gameplay for players. I know how to make balanced gameplay, with everything setup correctly so that players receive the exact exhilaration and fulfillment that they need from a game/server.

    I have had a draft plugin/server idea for quite a long time that I have mastered today. I have funds to invest in builders, programmers, hosting, and advertisements. The plugins I request range from small to large, and will mostly relate to factions add-ons. I'll have to ask anyone reading this if you know if there's any legalities when it comes to creating plugin add-ons for the original Factions plugin.

    ** Note that these ideas were made by someone who knows what's possible and what isn't when it comes to programming plugins, and that there aren't bizarre features that require client-sided coding, or anything too intense, lots of it should be pretty simple and straightforward **

    The plugin ideas I have in mind are well thought out, and created from a designers point of view, meaning it's not some random plugin to "make things more fun" but rather an evolutionary gamemode of Factions/PVP that I'm going to be calling "Factions Colonies". To sum it up very shortly and broadly: factions can instead of overclaiming, colonize a faction if they claim over the faction home territory, and then therefore force the faction into having to pay its way out of debt so that it can be un-colonized, because while under colonization, they cannot access their chests among other things. Faction levels play a role in how much you can put a colony into debt, and also what your factions max power is. The max power will be filled the same way individual players power is filled, except that 50% of the faction must be online for the power to go up every (amount) of minutes. You gain faction experience points by either (1) having successful colonies that end up paying debt, or (2) where colonized factions end up paying their debt, but obviously get much less experience points than the colonizers themselves.

    I also have plugins in mind related to farming, etc.. Contact me for more details.

    I'm willing to pay the developer upfront a few hundred dollars or less, and then hopefully if you like my ideas, have faith in them, and want to help me in my progress towards designing a successful server, then you would get roughly 25% of money made from the server, that would likely increase overtime depending on your contributions to the development of the server.

    If you are interested, please contact me via Skype at: taetm.conley
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    its about the diversity of the task. staying with one project is boring.
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  3. gl with this, it's factions, so overused. even if you get all your custom stuff for it it's just so overused and boring now
  4. Factions is overused because people hear factions and they think "K step 1, /kit starter and get iron armor and 64 obby blocks. /f create /f claim, dig hole underground 10k blocks away with chests in it, put water around my base and lots of obsidian, ill be good". "K now step 2 I go recruit like 2 more people and then we claim like 20 land so that it's super hard to TNT raid us, and then we will go mass buy TNT at shop with the money we got by abusing the shitty economy so we can go destroy such massive chunks of land and raid some factions" "And now step 3 we're gonna create a few mob grinders and then enchant prot 4 super easy and we'll go to spawn and wreck noobs with prot 3." This entire system of factions sucks. There's no point in having allies, besides the fact that you cannot hit each other, and no point in having enemies besides the fact that it's clear that you don't like each other due to the red names. My ideas that I haven't share with you completely change this. There's no point in overclaiming factions besides that you can raid them. Factions colonies promotes the idea of allying as many people as possible so that you can grow your empire to being the most powerful, with having annual revenues that come from having colonized factions. on top of that, by being a colonized faction and paying debt to your leaders, they will provide you with power, protection, rewards, and so forth. Base building and growing food was useless because: (1) food is so easy to get, that people will have stacks of everything they need extremely easily, which completely destroys survival aspects of Minecraft, especially PVP servers, and (2) base building is stupid because you dig a hole underground with all of your stuff in it, made up of entirely obsidian blocks, which looks ugly and destroys the building aspect of Minecraft where people use creativity to have detailed structures. Some of my ideas include adding base health to factions, so that it takes a certain amount of TNT hits before the first layer of blocks break, and the base health is determined on the different block combinations of layers in the base, for example, iron blocks on outside, obsidian in middle, and then wood on inside, in three layers, would give you more base health than 3 layers of obsidian.
  5. Maybe developers think your project won't be successful or they want money now instead of relying on a risk that your server may not make money back soon enough. And for developers bailing on you after making a plugin, just find a good developer and they won't do stuff like that.