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  1. It would be a neat addition to my factions server if an airdrop containing random (and customizable) items inside would randomly fall anywhere on the map.

    Also looking for a nice free KingOfTheHill type of plugin, and a vote party plugin

    And a plugin I can use to transfer discord chat to minecraft chat and vice versa
  2. There are many plugins which do what you’ve described already on the resource section.
  3. I use CrazyEnvoys on my factions server and absolutely love it. It isn't random in the sense that you select tyhelocations but aside from that, it is fully customizable and very easy to setup as well. I suggest you have a look at it because I feel you would like it very much.
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  5. Sorry
  6. I tried looking, but failed.

    When looking for an airdrop plugin they were outdated
    When looking for KOTH it costed money - and the second most popular KOTH plugin was outdated
  7. Welcome to running a server, where money is suddenly real. If you want something specific I'd suggest either just coughing up that little bit and paying for a premium plugin or learn to make your own like I did those many years ago.
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  8. Bump, still looking for a plugin to run these events. Thanks vk2gpz for suggesting Convoys, we've been looking into it