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  1. Hello there,

    I've been using the shared plan of minecrafted but it has been a disappointing experience opposed to their vps plan. I've been looking around for other hosts but didn't find something proper yet so came here to see if anyone has some tips/advice. I'm looking for either a shared server or vps sporting ssd disks, preferably a 3Ghz or more CPU and most important a reliable uptime.
    My server is new and has an average of 10 players online and uses 'bout 24 plugins but is growing at a steady pace. So if you have any recommendations please do share them here!


  2. joehot200


    I would only recommend OVH for 50+ people servers, so that it out of the window here.

    Only good vps host i know of is EmberCore, however i did have a few problems with them accessing FTP.
  3. So your saying I have a problem for having a 32Gb dedicated server for my 0 players is overkill? I THINK NOT!
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