Looking for people to showcase my premium plugin

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  1. Hi there,

    My premium plugin, https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/xprotect.67863/, will get a major update within this week and I would like to have some video reviews/showcases on it. It doesn't matter if the video is in English or another language. If you're interested, just send me a PM and I will add you in the buyer's list once the update is out!

  2. I'd recommend finding a few YouTubers who review plugins and contacting them. You'll most likely have to pay, but it will gain attention towards your plugins!
  3. Will do, and also bump again.
  4. I can ask a few youtuber friends, but I am pretty sure they usually want some compensation for it. What kind of budget do you have in case they ask for this?

    Will tools be provided to run these bot attacks etc? Or do you expect them to have all these things available to them?
  5. Really appreciate that! I got in contact with another YouTuber and he said around 15$, which I find reasonable. I would be willing to go a bit up if necessary.

    Tools for the bot attacks would be provided, and I will guide the YouTuber on how to use them. Of course, he wouldn't have to pay for anything.
  6. @LegBug

    I can record a simple video-tutorial in Russian (without video editing)
  7. Sure, if you join in my discord server, we can discuss this further. https://lagbug.me/discord
  8. @LagBug has joined. but I do not have permissions
  9. Hello there is a server that uses your plugin

    To really know the security and protection that your plugin guarantees you should test it daily with different people and different attacks
  10. BGHDDevelopment


  11. I am aware that this server uses my plugin, but I don't see why you sent that video. The plugin is an anti-bot plugin, not an anti-grief one.

    Thanks, added you.
  12. I understand I thought it was also an anti griefing plugin
    the best current antibots are Bot-Sentry and 2LS Antibot
    Does your plugin also block Nullping attacks?
  13. In every test I've put XProtect to, it seems to be blocking the bots very well. Let's not argue about which one is the best antibot here.
  14. Yo puedo hacerlo. EspaƱol.