Looking for plugin ideas

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  1. Hey all, I've been using java for around a year now, and have only just started to make spigot plugins, currently I have released 3, and working on one more, but I need to improve my whole plugin development workflow, so if you'd like anything made, do reply to this (I wont guarantee the best plugins but they'll be good)
  2. A highly configurable sit plugin, i have used all of them and all of them are flawed or lacking. Make it able to toggle specific Slabs/Stair or just turn those off completly in the config. Next to that a working simple /sit command and a /lay command so you can roleplay sleeping. I have tried it myself but my java and programming experience is just the worst.
  3. Maybe try remaking Hypixel's Assassins gamemode from Murder Mystery, if it's not too difficult, which it probably is...
  4. I need this too and will probably make a plugin myself
    If you want a chair plugin arboriginal uploaded one but it doesn’t have the features you listed

    1 year in java I doubt he can do it
    The most I’ve done is a paintball minigame which is pretty fun though limited in terms of features
  5. I don't want the hard features like disguises, maps, etc.
    Just the actual assassins part (throwable swords, target in chat)
  6. Oh I could try code that as a challenge
  7. If you do, I will literally love you, I've been looking for something like that for ages now.
  8. If your going to make the sit plugin aswell, please let me know
  9. Both of these will be a challenge and I have hardly any time to do them but they’ll be great learning experience for me
    i have ideas I’d how to do both and the throwing arrows thing is probably easy