Looking for plugins to contribute to. Freely.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by SCPKeter, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Hey there.

    I'm lacking ideas of plugins, still, I want to be helpful at least with code.
    Was looking around GitHub's Discover, but I didn't see any Spigot plugins there.

    Could describe me as a pretty experienced Java programmer, also experienced in Spigot API.
    Never had to work with packets (ProtocolLib, or anything related) and NMS, but would like to learn how to.

    Just respond on this thread or PM me (here's my Discord: scpketer3#0550) if you have a suggestion.
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  2. Many plugins list their source code on their resource pages.

    Pick one you are familiar with or like and see if there is something you would like to improve :)
  3. If you're looking for ideas for plugins to make and you don't have any experience with packets or nms, why not try making a custom mob ai plugin or an NPC plugin? That would let you expand your portfolio
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  5. NMS is fun once you get to know your way around. Things get really interesting when you play around with packets. Maybe you'll be interested in this: https://github.com/HawkAnticheat/Hawk
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    open source anticheats often fail because they're open source
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  7. I'm making a library that include all nms features which aren't supported by spigot (player#setWorldBorder, #sleep, #setCraftingBook, #playPlayerEffect, #getPing...). I will send the source code soon
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    Why make a lib when you instead could contribute those features to spigot? :unsure:
    (If you don't know how, be sure to join #spigot-dev on IRC and we will be sure to help you)
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  9. HOW ?! Can I really contribute to spigot? :eek:

    Edit: ok, I read the post. x)
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  11. Wow, so many responses. Thanks you all!
    I will surely follow your advices and suggestions :)
  12. Would be nice to. I'm ready to work anytime~
  13. If I can do it on spigot, I will do it. You can too contribute to spigot if you want

    All methods I said are finished in my lib. So I will rewrite them in pull requests
  14. Yes, I know.
  15. So, are you going to do it (sorry for my bad english)
  16. Well, I haven't looked around their repo yet.
    I think I will after I resolve some issues on my other projects.
  17. I have question : .When my pull requests will be merged, spigot users/dev will need to update spigot aren't they?

    If yes, I prefer develop my lib, release it and request my changes to spigot to update versions 1.12 > latest instantly
  18. I think we should proceed to Discord or PM with this topic.
    I doubt they will release a new version of a spigot api/core when new PRs are merged.
  19. I
    I wanted to say: apply changes in the future update. It's not auto or instant
  20. Yep, guess they will. If your PR has no use - they would not even merge it, pretty obvious.

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