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  1. Hey all,

    Basically after months of trying, I am at a complete dead end with my servers.

    Each server is running on its own dedicated machine with 16GB of RAM (7GB allocated) and an intel i5. Player count is about 10-20. As soon as the spigot instance is run, CPU use goes to 100% on all cores. After about 20 minutes it crashes.

    I have tried everything. Replaced my entire permissions plugin (from Pex to zperms), replace and removed every plugin one by one, purged all player files, purged all databases and still the server is at 100% CPU use on all cores. I even purchased a brand new server at a lost cause thinking it was the machine - no change on a new machine.

    As I am at a complete loss now as to what it is, im looking for a professional server optimization service which I have seen in some peoples signatures (although I cant remember who!). If those people could please reach out to me, that would be great :)

    Timings: https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=16435842
    Htop: http://i.imgur.com/Hvu5A7i.png

  2. different host?
  3. Could you post your timings here?
  4. I have tried on three different hosts in locations in NA and EU. No change in results.

    Posted above.
  5. Try removing/updating protocol lib, essentials and featherboard. It seems the problem is occurring when players are first joining,
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  6. I have a sponsorship with SovaHost who are very good with DDOS protection and dedicated machines and game servers at a low price maybe take a look at them you can use GAME20 for 20% of game servers and WEBHOST30 for 30% of web host!


    (I'm not payed to say all that btw I'm saying It cause I find It a awesome)
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  7. How's the server setup. IE What's in your start up script, and have you tried changing things to see if it get's it any lower?
  8. He may have a RAM issue?
  9. Elaborate?
    He's got a HTOP link showing the ram being fine, 5/6gb in use, yet his CPU is running at 97-100%, That's not right...
    This is mine running 4/5 servers and other stuff that I use.
  10. Ok so after looking at your timings you have a lot to change and fix..
    Stuff that are wrong;
    1. You are using protocolLib v 3.6.4

    2. GAListener is using a lot of memory, try to check if you are using the right version of that plugin.

    3. TitleMOTD is using too much memory for been such a small plugin. Consider removing this and just keep it simple with a message in chat when you log in.

    4. Essentials is having an issue when players join.

    What I recommend doing:
    1. I recommend downgrading version to 3.6.3 : https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/update?update=6907
    If that doesnt solve the problem try to either contact the author or check what plugins use ProtcolLib.

    2. upgrade or downgrade to the right version for your spigot & if that doesnt work contact the author or consider not using it.

    4. try to check if downgrading or upgrading fixes this issue or try contacting the author.

    Please let me know if this has worked. I am an experienced Owner and I know a lot about servers. I am also working on opening a prison server.
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