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  1. Hello,

    I currently have a decent host but I feel limited with it. The panel just isn't that great and it's more expensive than other providers but it does have great hardware. I have a 4g ram server but I feel like I'm gonna need more due to a heavy amount of plugins and multiple worlds. I was watching the server ram statistics and with just 1 player online (Myself) I was using up quite a bit. So looking into other options now.

    What I'm looking for:
    Decent Price
    MySQL Database
    Great Panel (One that doesn't use the server.properties as the panel)
    Custom amount of players
    Great hardware
  2. The hell. Please show me what a server.properties panel looks like?
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  3. Legit no server.properties in my FTP access as the panel counts as it.

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  4. That's Minecraft-Hosting.pro for ya
  5. Node Craft. Period. They have a MySQL Database, a 100% custom panel (which is the best and I mean it), they don't limit the amount of players, and they have great hardware with an extraordinary little amount of people per node. Although their servers are quite expensive, you get what you pay for. Their customer support is #1, and I've never ever had a problem with them in the past. https://nodecraft.com/

    EDIT: why is this funny :l
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  6. Well, I would suggest FastSrv.io, depending on what you are trying to do.

    Budget (Los Angles)
    Specs: Dual Xeon E5-2680 V2 processors with 1 TB Samsung 850 PRO SSD and 256 GB RAM
    FREE MC HOSTING ($0.01USD One Time)
    (Radware DefensePro DDoS Protection, 512MB RAM and 5GB SSD Disk Space.)
    Unlimited MC HOSTING ($4.99/mo $4.99 Setup Fee)
    Soft Limit: 32GB Storage: 200GB (currently what I have)

    Premium (Europe)
    Specs: Intel I7-6700K | 4c/8t (4GHz /4.2GHz )
    Plans: Starting at $0.80/gb

    Other Information

    Panel: Pterodactyl (Pterodactyl.io)
    Slots: Unlimited (changeable through server.properties

    Note: The prices above are listed in the currency of US American Dollars.

    FastSrv.io's Discord Server

  7. I suggest FreeMC. Its a good free hosting but the only downside is that it diesnt have a support team and deidcated IP. But you will have a more dediacted server by paying $2/£2 or more. Freemc.host for creating a server and panel.freemc.host for the panel
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  8. O: FreeMC dude.. Wow. I would recommend you FreMC.host too, I mean.. Free 2GB server with DDoS protection... You can get more RAM if you donate only one time $3/£2+, or for Free by joining Discord servers and inviting people. There might not be Support Team. But the whole community is there to help you with anything related to your Minecraft server, plugins, etc. Maybe with something off topic too.:D To create your server just go to FreeMC.host, register and that's it. Shortly, you will be invited to join FreeMC Discord server and get Customer role in there and just in few minutes, you will be able to log in and control your server on the panel.FreeMC.host

    Here is what you are looking for compared to what you get with FreeMC:
    Decent Price - FREE
    MySQL Database - If you donate $3/£2+ you can request Free MySQL databases. :3
    Great Panel - There is a Pterodactyl panel and it is so easy to use
    Custom amount of players - You can change max-player limit in server.properties to any amount you want via File Manager or FTP Client
    Great hardware - Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 sure is good. ;)

    Discord invite:
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  9. Thanks :)
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  10. MelonCube hosting is very nice, the panel is Multicraft with custom web-based ftp access, I recommend it, has everything you want.
    is someone is going to say me that MelonCube copies the desing of etc. that is not important, is relevant how good the hosting is, and Shockbite is worse than MelonCube.
  11. Youre advertising, stop trying to act like youre not. However, I would like to recommend ExtraVM. They have great affordable plans and fantstic support. https://extravm.com/
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  12. I have been working on a server with Citadelservers for 2 weeks now and my server is stable with 283 Mods. Not ready for release but they have been very good to me and helped me every step of the way on getting this to work. Best Host I have been with, especially one that helps take on a task like this. Only problem I have right now is the modpack takes up 6 Gigs of ram on your PC, need to lower that for lower end players.
  13. @lusa I wanted to know if this Citadelservers has a good spec for their server? I have the same problem with @Chaoisia and I would like to know if their specs are good for a server that has a lots of mods? Did you pay extra to get them to help you? We are on quite a budget. I would also want to play with my wife and friends so I don't want the headache of having a laggy server and for it not to be reliable. Of course Pricing is also a Deal breaker.(y)