Looking for reliable and affordable Australian Dedicated Server Host

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    I've been with ServersAustralia for a few months. They were good for most of it, but in the last few weeks their network has been sluggish for me. My server loses network connection at random all throughout the day, I've lost around 80% of my players because of this. I sent them in a support ticket and got no response. I'm not covered by their Network SLA because I'm on the gaming network.

    So I'm in need of a new Australian Dedicated Server Host quite urgently. I've looked through many sites but most of them don't offer much customization or just overpriced. I found OzServers, which offers great deals but their shortest contract is 1 year.

    Any suggestions?
  2. You could try Amazon AWS in Sydney location. It is expensive though.
  3. I know a few people on this server host: http://dedicatedgaming.com.au/ They haven't said anything bad about them but they should be good but prices are high.

    I suggest going to an American/Canadian host unless you want to run a FPS Game server or something because on Minecraft you don't really experience the lag like in FPS Games. :)

    Well good luck finding a host!
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    You mean this? From what I read I need to sign up with a credit card and other things before I can even see the plans in detail, no thanks. :p
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    They're all out of stock. Also those prices are good, it's Australia - bandwidth is expensive here.
    I've used an American server before, and trust me there's heaps of lag from Australia. 400-600ms 2-way ping is very noticeable.
  6. I live in Australia and i get no lag (perth, wa) I get around 500kbs download and 50kbs upload. My server: hub.battlefactions.com (hosted in canada ovh)
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    Try this plugin of mine, you can get your ping with it. Usage: /Ping or /Ping <player> from the console. Permission: Ping.use. Source included in jar.

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  8. I got a canadian OVH you can test on if you want just pm me ill try find the details. I'm in the same position though had 30+ players for majority of the day then bam connection issues although no where near as bad as the other day.

    Edit: ps if you find anything let me know :D
  9. I'm on MG3 or 4 on ovh, im downgrading to sp3 since the ddosers have stopped
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    Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine. :) I rented a box on West Coast America from SecuredServers for a month (scbb.co) to try run a server on. I get 400-600ms ping, and that's closer to Canberra than Canada is.
    Only good price host I've found so far is with OzServers, but the 1 year contract is a bummer. Might end up going with them though.
  11. Yea OzServers was the other provider I think I was looking at before I went with ServersAus. I think I'll give them a little more time to work things out :S
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    What you want doesn't exist.
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  13. Make it exist! :p
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    You mean did exist. :S
  15. joehot200


    Why do you want to go for australia? My current OVH server is in france, but i would not care if it was timbuktu or mars as long as people have a non-laggy connection to it.

    Either way, good luck finding a good host.
  16. Because we are providing Australians with a low latency server. Which is something there is very few of, any other continent pretty much lags for us :(
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    (*Providing what help he can with his lack of knowledge about internet*)
    Is it possible to have the host somewhere else, like france, etc, and then keep a downgraded version of your australian host?
    You could then put a bungeecord on the australian host, and make it redirect to the host in another country.
    You would need some sort of tunnel or sumink that would reduce latency (GRE tunnel?) But i do not know much about this, so i cant help there.
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    Exactly what bloodsplat said. :) I'm Australian and I want to provide my fellow Aussies with a good server to play on. You'd be surprised how much I'm spending on hosting with ServersAustralia.
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    That doesn't help at all. The connection still goes.
    User -> Australia -> Other Country -> Australia -> User

    Edit: Well unless of course you link them up with fibre or some magic sorcery that sends the packets faster. :p
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  20. Wait for the nbn (national broadband network) hopefully the dedicated servers in australia will become cheaper :) Your best option right now is to buy a box (a bit of money) and colocate it in sydney. :) or if your house has optic fibre upgrade your internet plan to have 100mb dl & up or 1gb so you can host it on your internet
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