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  1. I used to play on a towny server with custom plugins where as people could go up to chests, put in the right chest (ie wood, ores, decor, etc) a item, then put a price for the item (such as 2 gold) and other players could openly go up and buy it

    Is there any open / free plugin like this? I am DYING to find a shop plugin that at least doesn't rely on the sign method, suggest any other shop if there is none that I am requesting please.
  2. Doesn't rely on signs?
    Well there is CrazyAuctions which allows players to put the items on /ah
  3. The plugin you would need is Auction House or ChestShop, prison and SkyBlock need these plugins. I would recommend ChestShop since it's free :)
  4. The plugin I use does use signs, but I highly recommend it. It's called simply "Shop." It offers fabulous item displays, doesn't require players to know item codes, and is just clean and straightforward. It is premium, and I know you said free; however, I thought it was worth mentioning here.

    We used to use ChestShop but have since switched to Shop, and we are so much happier with it.
  5. Very sad since Shop changed from Bukkit to Spigot and became premium. Stopped using it after it became premium. Not worth the price. Just go for a free one.
  6. I can't find either of these plugins.. Link..? ;~;
  7. Doesn't matter... It will still work.. Do you not understand Spigot or something?
  8. To be honest, I'm here to find plugins that can improve what the server already has, I'm not the host / owner / staff. We all just hate the sign shop we have right now, So I kinda.. don't ._.
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