Looking for some people to help make a server.

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  1. Hey.

    I am looking to make a Minecraft minigames server and I need some help. I have a 16gb dedi and can host some servers at my hosting company. It will be a bungeecord server and will have the IP mc.jmgcoding.com (I cannot afford another one at this point). Message me on discord if you are interested in helping! We will need mods, admins, server managers, developers. Discord: Jamie_#0001
  2. I don't want to be a negative nancy, but its pretty much impossible to make minigame servers into a success. You will need online players to start games, which often doesn't work out. Its also really difficult to earn some money hosting a minigame server. Money should obviously not be your main goal but you need it in order to pay your bills.
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    You'll want to post in the Services & Recruitment section if you search people, this forum here is for discussions on questions regarding server and community management, not for hiring people.
  4. Completely agree. You need a massive budget not only to make the content unique and valuable in comparison to competition but most importantly for advertisement. You should be promoting on server on a minecraft server list or getting youtubers if you want any chance at getting a 100+ player average. This is the bare minimum needed to keep your mini games running, and many of them would be dead obviously cause not enough people if you have only 100.
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    Agreed. If you are so cash strapped you cannot afford a new domain name for the project, you aren't in any position to be starting a server. At least, not if your intent is to make it commercially viable.
  6. Agreed, technically you can just host it at home and tell someone some dynamic dns - and you can 100% free run this, or use aternos. But if you are 'serious' and want to have something that lasts longer than a few weekends a bit of a budget and forward thinking is needed.

    If the plan is something you can't do, it doesn't hurt to just play on servers run by others.

    Also, I do feel that there's a lot of server owners on this site who already are busy with their own stuff just to financially help others