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  1. Hi, I want to make server vanilla pvp-like but with few plugins that will diversify gameplay and make it harder to raid someone or grief, i can't find any plugins like that:

    Harder blocks to break
    -I mean; when player X place stone block, he can destroy his own block by normal dig speed, but when player Y trying to destroy player X block its harder with a conversion rate of for example x10, (10 sec instead of 1 sec)
    and i want that to be configurable.

    Death like in World of Warcraft (or Punishment for death)
    -So is there any plugin like that? It would be cool when u must go as a ghost to your death location
    to bring you back to life but i guess that there is no plugin like this, so easier version, when u're death u got punishment and can't login for 20 minutes or something??

    More The End Worlds
    -Each world belongs to a different portal found in the world.

    Chat range (by blocks)
    -Like in mmorpg games, and with yelling option (more range).

    Please help and thanks in advance :) !
  2. 1) I don't know if that exist =/
    2)a. Do that when player dies, his gamemode is set to spectator mode and then when he is near his death location, he gets back in gamemide survival
    2)b. You can simply tempban it x)
    3) You can use plugins like MultiverPortals I guess
    4) I think DeluxeMenus can do that, I remember seeing another one but I don't remember its name =/
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  3. Thanks,
    anyone else have any idea?
  4. On what you said:

    1. Properly assigned mining fatigue effect levels can achieve number one (you'd probably need a custom plugin to detect what block is being mined / tool being used and change the effect level accordingly before the block breaks since some blocks mine faster based on tool and material)

    2. Temp banning on death would be ridiculous and kill the player base. I'd suggest hiring a dev to code a plugin that keeps the player in spectator mode for x amount of time, allowing them to watch others fight and chat, but not play themselves.

    4. DeluxeMenus is for creating gui menus. It has nothing to do with chat ranges. EssentialsX paired with EssentialsXChat can accomplish limiting chat to certain block radius's, I believe there's also ways to bypass it for talking in global chat, too.
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  5. BRUH, I meant DeluxeChat x) sorry lol
  6. Thanks, and one more, is there any plugins like reputation and hidden nickname? Something like in unturned, when u're player killer u got red nickname and for example -200 reputation, but when u're good, you got white nickname and 0 rep, or something like pvp points and u're losing some of points when someone killed you, and about that hidden nickname i mean something like that chat, when you're standing next to player (about 5 blocks) u can see his name and points.
  7. I think you could do that with TAB Reborn and its belowname feature. For the bame in color, if you have a placeholder with PAPI to show the reputation in numbers, I can make you a PAPI javascript script for that assign to a placeholder that you could set as Tag Prefix
  8. 1. If you have a large server you'd probably have problems with storage since you would need to store data for every placed block
    2. Would probably need a custom plugin
    3. multiversePortals
    4. I think that exists
  9. Okay :D I would be very grateful for your help, you would just have to explain to me how to apply it
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