Looking for some suggestions for a "Bodily Functions" plugin! :)

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm 16 and new to Bukkit/Spigot and coding in general. I've started working on a plugin that I think is quite funny. It's nothing big, just something fun to add to donor ranks or something like that.

    The basic idea is, it's a broadcast-type plugin where the player runs a command (let's say /fart because it's called 'bodily functions') and it will broadcast to the server "[BF] TheSoloCactus broke nasty wind!" in a green coloring or something like that. I've got all of the commands done and they are all ready to go, but I'm just looking for people to possible beta test this plugin, give me feedback and suggestions, and overall just help me make my first plugin the best it can be!

    I started learning Java a couple weeks ago and I've got the majority of the basics down (what's in my mind enough for me to begin working on this plugin, I'm already very happy with the work I've put into it and pretty proud of myself considering this is the first plugin I've ever worked on)

    I apologize if this thread is located in the wrong place, I'm new to all of this and I'm still trying to get a hold of the ropes. I've attached the plugin in this thread and anyone who wishes may download it, test it out, and let me know what they think!

    Here are the commands:
    • /fart
    • /burp
    • /poop
    • /pee
    • /vomit
    • /yawn
    • /sleep
    • /sex
    • /period
    Here are the permissions (still haven't tested the permissions out yet, I'm sure they'll work though. If not, tell me c: ):
    • bodilyfunctions.fart
    • bodilyfunctions.burp
    • bodilyfunctions.poop
    • bodilyfunctions.pee
    • bodilyfunctions.vomit
    • bodilyfunctions.yawn
    • bodilyfunctions.sleep
    • bodilyfunctions.sex
    • bodilyfunctions.period
    Please keep in mind that I'm not looking for MORAL feedback. If you think this command is too "dirty," I'm sorry. I suggested the idea to a few friends of mine who are server owners, and they thought it was a pretty hilarious idea. If you don't like this idea, I'm fine with that, I wish you the best of luck in life!

    But if you DO like this idea and get a kick out of it, I'm glad! I'm hoping some people will get a good laugh from this and let me know what they think of it!

    As stated above, this plugin is just for fun and is basically my test run at writing plugins. This is the first thing I've written that works and I'm proud of it. While the actual functionality of this plugin is minimal, it can still provide a humorous atmosphere for any server that allows this kind of language.

    Also keep in mind that each command has a permission so you add them on increasingly as donor ranks go up. Just for example, say you give your $5 rank /fart, your $10 rank /fart + /burp, and so on up the ranks.

    Thank you to anybody who stopped by to read this, and thanks again if you downloaded the plugin and tested it out! It means a lot to me!


    As the plugin has now been officially released, I have removed the download link from this post. If you wish to test it out yourself, you can find it here:


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  2. the last 2 though.
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  3. FG_


    I couldn't get through the list of commands without laughing
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    • /sex
    • /period
    What is it supposed to do?
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  4. Does it use particle effects? Farting with a poison green particle effect behind you would be effin' funny
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  5. One of my friends suggested I do some work with particles, I've been considering it, but as of now there are no particles.
  6. He is finding a way to do this :D

    For people requesting what each command does:
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  7. Interested to seeing what /sex and /period do.....
  8. They all do essentially the same thing, they just broadcast to the server "player has done this" but with each bodily function. ReeceyBoi81 posted a screenshot of all of the commands so far in action
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  9. Try using a resource pack and have some really cheesy sounds for the commands.
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  10. Do /dab and /suck lol
  11. /hearattack, /stroke, /suicide LOL
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  13. Choco


    Just as a side note. I'm not sure how women would feel about having a command representing something that they don't typically enjoy announcing publicly. It doesn't really help that men seem to find enjoyment out of making period jokes which I know women aren't all too fond of. I feel as though there are some commands that should really not be commands.

    EDIT: I asked a few of my female friends, and they all find the idea sort of... eh. It's just not really something that should be publicly announced as it is not quite accurate. Not necessarily offensive, just not needed

    These as well can be taken in a sense that most would find offense to as they are serious issues. I don't mean to be "that guy", but unfortunately I kind of have to.
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  14. True :/
  15. The /period command is mainly for one of my friends who always feels the need to announce when she is on hers. I wrote that command with her particularly in mind. Also, you don't have to grant players access to ALL of the commands. Any you don't like you can leave out, but they're all there for the taking.
    Think about it like this, how often does anyone enjoy announcing publicly that they just took a dump or farted so hard they ruined their shorts (unless they are with their buddies)? The whole plugin is just for fun, man! It's just to joke around.

    Thanks for the feedback, though!
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  16. I do agree that if you're going to use this on a server with people other than your friends, you have to take in mind that not everyone is going to enjoy these things and that some of these commands may get misused by other players. Also it may not be appriopriate for smaller children.

    On the positive side, good job. Maybe you can try adding events. For example when someone shifts it will make them fart (you can change the event and command of course). This will definitely come in handy when making other plugins as well, so it's always a good thing to know.
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  17. Like I stated above, all of the permissions are there for you to look through to pick and choose which you would like your players to be able to use. Not all of them need to be used.

    I absolutely love the sneak + fart event idea. This is something that will likely be added in the future. Thank you for this!
  18. Decompiled your plugin, have the following advice/tips:
    • Don't check the 'String,' instead check the command for the name (if you ever decide to include aliases, that would allow it to work)
    • You don't even need to check if the name of the command equals anything else if it's not in your main class, once you register the executor only the applicable command is sent to the executor
    • All of your code leading up to sending the message is exactly the same (minus the permission nodes), create an abstract class and extend it, pass the permission node and reduce the redundancy (DRY principles)
    • You don't need to log that your plugin was enabled, Spigot (technically, Bukkit) already does this for you
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  19. Thanks for the advice! We'll get right to fixing this!