Looking for someone to help me financially.

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  1. $2500 = making the servers good. (builds, plugins, website, graphics) - I'm assuming these are not going to be crap generic servers.

    $500 = projectwonderful

    $2000 = getting series from a bunch of smaller youtubers (50k-100k subs)

    $5000 = SSUNDEE video.

    I'd say you'd make your money back in less than a week.
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  2. Omnivion


    I would NOT dump 5k into one youtuber. Spread the 5k out over a bunch of slightly larger youtubers.
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  3. Ssundee gets 500 mill-1 mill views a video. Probably would be better for him to choose ssundee
  4. wat 500mill views.
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  5. You sir are wrong on so many levels.
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  6. Pay your taxes
  7. Demonly


    Should change your thread title from:

    Help me financially ---->
    Need Financial Advise
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