Looking for someone to help me with plugins

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by eatmychiz, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Been having a tough time setting up permissions and ranks. I'm using permissionsex and I have it working when it's only set to the default class I can change the permissions of that group no problem. I added in group manager and made a few ranks. Everything broke. If someone knows this better then me would really enjoy to chat over discord! comment discord usernames or add me - eatmychiz#4765 thank you!
  2. Use luckperms. get rid of both of the other permission plugins.
  3. I might be able to help you set it up in like 10 hrs if you dont figure it out on your own. :)
  4. Will do, I knew that they were outdated but I had it working on my 1.14.4 server no problem a couple months back
  5. add me on discord bro I would really appreciate your help!
  6. New2PC#5109 is my discord... cant talk now tho... too tired :/