Looking For Someone With Bungee Experience

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  1. I am looking for someone with enof Bungee experience to walk me through the setting up of a network of servers. These servers are already bought and are being hosted from a server host. Thank you, after you have walked me through this process you will be given a rank on the network.
  2. The temptation is real.
  3. Yup because its that hard to help a noob set it up and possibly take a risk.
  4. maybe he just doesn't want to waste his time on "Helping a noob"?
  5. If you don't learn to set it up yourself, what are you going to do when something breaks?


    Come back and ask specific questions, not just "can someone set this up for me?" Which is really: "can someone do all the work on my server for me for free for a rank on my server, which isn't the server that you (someone from a community of server owners) already run/own? Oh and don't forget I can blame you later for any and all problems that may seemingly be caused by the setup because I have no actual clue how it all works."

    Don't expect to be spoon-fed!

    That said, if you really want to be spoon-fed the solution, Services & Recruitment will help you find someone to pay to do that for you.
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  6. Yup this is almost exactly how I saw this going.
  7. What do you expect when you're asking other server owners to do one of the main parts of setting up a network for you, for no compensation other than a name prefix on a server they'll never go on?

    We're more than happy to help if you have a specific problem, but just asking people to do your work for you (for free) never goes over well, no matter the context...
  8. This is a problem I'm having.
    [Server] INFO disconnected with: Kicked whilst connecting to hub: If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well!
    Checked Bungiecord config ip fowatding is set to true. Halp plis
  9. Sigh

    You're probably connecting to the IP of your hub server; you can't. You need to connect to the IP of Bungee.
  10. You do not connect to any of your servers directly, You'll connect to bungee-cord. Bungeecord then "Proxies" you, and you can access the servers added to it assuming they're setup properly.
  11. ^ what the above two posters said. IF you are connecting through the proxy and getting that message, do you happen to be using a Forge client? (if so, lose Forge or update bungeecord to the latest to fix.)
  12. Nope not using a Forge launcher but I just had to make a quick ip change for the hub server. Thank you everything works perfectly now.
  13. I finaly spent all my time figuring all this stuff out so when something breaks I know what to do. Thanks guys for all the help I am now runnig my servers correctly. Please lock this thread.