Looking for suggest command to chat plugin.

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  1. I'm trying to create my own gui menus (with deluxemenus) and i'm looking for a way for players to click a menu item and have a command sent to their chat as a suggest but not executed for them. Allowing players to modify the command if needed or just hit enter.
  2. I think he is looking for a way to inject text into the players chat bar. Not a way to send a message to a player.
  3. Ah i should clarify, i'm not trying to send a message to a player. I'm trying to send text as if they had typed it themselves.
    For example: A staff member might click one of the icons and instead of executing the command for them, it writes it to them in chat for them to press enter when they're ready.
    That way you can either press enter right away or fill in more info like write a reason or change the command if needed.
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    Command suggestions can only be done through chat click actions, so you can't have a click in a gui directly lead to a command suggestion
  5. So i cant send the command directly but i can send a clickable message that could suggest the command is what i'm getting for that.
    Is it possible for json suggestcommands to hold playeholders? For example the gui menu might show a list of playerskulls of online players,
    Say they click on my name ArZor, that could send them a clickable chat message like "Send this player a tp request by clicking on this text" , and the suggested command might be /tpa %playername% which because they clicked on my skull would fill in /tpa ArZor?
  6. My apologies for not understanding.

    You could always use /tellraw to send JSON messages, which will allow you to suggest commands. Link: https://minecraftjson.com/