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  1. I hope I'm posting in the right forum if not please let me know. I currently run a minecraft server and am tired of my current hoster. The plans they provide are over priced for what they offer and the support is not only unhelpful but also rude. So I am currently looking for a new hoster that will easily be able to run 20 plus plugins several of which are very heavy on the server. I also have multiple maps up and a current player base if 13 plus active members that is also growing steadily. I've tried to do research on my own however the only one I can find real dirt on is ggservers. So either the rest of them are good at hiding there flaws or they have none, either way with little to no experience with them I can't make an honest judgement. Long story short I want a server hoster who will give me what I pay for (which is not 40 dollars for 5 gigs of ram and storage that can't even store a os without filling up) and good reliable customer support. Any suggests are welcome so please give me your feedback.

    (Edit) also if you are going to recommend a hoster or hate on one please give actual reasons. Telling me how you just love them or hate them will not help me.

    (Edit) should of added this as well. It needs to have ftp access and I would prefer to be able to attached multiple accounts to the control panel.
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    Is $8/GB what you're paying for currently? What're you looking to get around? There's lots of hosts that charge less than that now and give the same if not better experience, but don't expect most to offer plugin support that are very cheap. Just look through the hosting advice section and see what people say. Always make sure you have your own backups though.
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    I used them for several months, no downtime, no TPS drop or lag. Great customer service and great price for what you get.
  4. I have a pretty good development team as well as know a thing or two about plugins myself. I don't need plugin support just somewhere better to host.
  5. Do they have ftp access? And can multiple accounts be attached to the control panel?
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    Yes and Yes, they use Multicraft control panel.
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  7. Go with Hivelocity, 100% good support but it's costly.
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