Looking for the best VPS for 180$

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by xXxbigdogxXx, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. I need something with:

    64GB DDR3 RAM
    4.0 Ghz processor (i7 perferred)
    1TB SSD/HDD Space (SSD perferred)
    1GBPS Network connection.
    SSH Enabled
    TCP Enabled
    UDP Enabled
    STFP Enabled
    FTP Enabled

    I'm very busy atm.
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  2. Why a VPS and not a dedicated server?
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  3. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, a virtual server within a dedicated server with divided resources. With your budget and stats, you need a full dedicated server.

    Take a look at OVH, ReliableSite or securedservers.
  4. OVH is the best for price to performance, but not for support
  5. The only support you should ever need for a dedicated server is installing new hardware or actual problems with the box itself, and if OVH doesn't provide that they wouldn't be in business right now. Unless they are really slow.
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  6. They have crap support. Only if you want to upgrade your dedi then they will help pretty much
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  7. MikeA

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    So you're looking for an i7-6700K 4GHz, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD dedicated server?
    They don't provide software/general tech support. They also don't/shouldn't help with upgrading.
  8. He might be able to get this at Choopa.
    I've gotten price matches from Choopa to OVH.
  9. MikeA

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    OVH doesn't have 64GB RAM i7-6700K's.
  10. MikeA

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    I was referring to OVH direct, not their sub-brands. SYS has many less or limited features compared to OVH directly, such as mitigation, IP fees/limitations, general network options, etc.
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  11. Where is it supposed to be located? I might be able to offer you this
  12. If your willing to spent that much on a VPS you might as well use a shared hosting site...
    And buy as much servers you need :p

    (Bad idea, just go with a freaking dedicated server instead....:confused:)
  13. Two mc-32 form ovh works for you ;)
  14. Insane... Soon we will have >$3/GB providers using these things. Since it come out so cheap to provide RAM on these things.

    Unfortunately it seems RAM/$1 is is the game in the Minecraft industry.
  15. That mean more horrible hosting companies, yeah so excited xD
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  16. Well it mainly due to Minecraft server consumers not caring how they get their server gets booted. As long as they have access to the RAM that they ordered and the server runs. Then that all their concerns extends to.

    Not if the provider is flipping a coin every night, whether or not their actually hire employees, and/or even if they pays their taxes.

    Only when the demands change then would the market would react..
  17. Well, the customer doesn't really get any loses, from the company not pay their taxes. I wish hosting companies would be more like provisionhost, they're hosting cost $10/gb, but you get a guy which responds quick and know what he is talking about. Their price is steep, but compared to gg servers, you really get what you pay for.

    By the way, when I signed up with provision host, I was a noob xD I knew nothing they pretty much did what ever I wanted... I didn't know how to upload a map to server, I opened at least 30 tickets. I feel so bad for them. The least I could do for them is say they have a good service ;)

    Edit: to get back to topic... You should look into ovh for cheap server ;)
  18. That`s actually a great host from what I see of that message :).
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