Looking for Token Shop Voting Plugin/s

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by SouLxTRaPPeR, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Before you go off and google search, just know ive been doing my own research for a few days now and cant find exactly what im looking for, so i came here.

    What im looking for seems to be quite popular as ive seen many servers do it. Basically i want players to get rewarded with tokens (virtual currency, not real items) and then they can proceed to purchase high end items using those rewarded tokens, from a token shop. Ideally i'd like the Token Shop to be accessed by a villager, but its thats to complicated, then i guess i can do without it.

    From doing my own google searches, ive either come across out of date plugins or plugins that replace essentials currency. I know Votifier has their own reward system but im looking for more of a shop system and am not sure how to set that up. If anyone knows of the plugin im looking for and can inform me of it, it'll be greatly appreciated. Make sure the plugin is still active with updates, and works with 1.11.
  2. do you know if there is a way to use that plugin but have the shop be accessed not by command but rather a villager?
  3. latiku