Looking for very cheap hosting

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by XEnderGamer, May 13, 2016.

  1. Any help please?????
  2. wat; cheap = not good (useally)
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  3. What kind of hosting? Shared, dedicated, VPS?
  4. Shared. For mc
  5. 1st :
    cheap + performance = low reliability.
    cheap + reliable = bad performance.
    performance + reliable = expensive.

    take your pick.
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  6. On behalf of everyone here, shut up, stop blatantly advertising and lying.
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  7. MikeA

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    What's cheap to you? $7/GB, $5/GB, $3/GB, etc? "Any help please?" isn't very descriptive.
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  8. My friend recommended to me http://mchost.yolasite.com I use it and never had problems with it (have been using it since December) 3€/month 1GB package
    If you find anything cheaper (per gigabite) please let me know
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  9. BRUH. the only host cheaper is ggservers (at $3 per gig). and they are complete crap
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  10. I guess I will stick to endermite host for now...
  11. I know about GGSERVERS, but their servers are so bad I did not even consider recommending them to anybody.
  12. theminecrafthosting is complete shit.
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  13. Your advertising your own host.
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  14. I could suggest Fluctis. I had multiple servers with them in the past, and almost no problems.


    And they have a lifetime 55% discount, so a GB would be $1.34 for budget, and $3.14 for premium.

    Servers Hostings that I tried:
    - FluctisHosting: Awesome hosting with cheap prices (Budget).
    - GGServers: Overselling, the lag was horrible, and the server didn't even start.
    - ServerMiner: Good hosting, althrough I tried them for a short time.
    - MCProHosting: Expensive, and they removed PayPal. Average.
    - Nitrous Network: Awesome server and support. My favorite with Fluctis.
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  15. I personally use Beastnode. ;)
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  16. Not worth it.. Just look at how they said their own server specs to me when I asked about their Limestone Networks location.

    Just for the records E3v1s-E3v3s are unable to address more than 32GB of RAM. Furthermore also seems they using a hybrid setup. On their Premium range they state that the storage are on SSD NOTHING about SSD cached storage. Finally it doesn't even say anything about a RAID 1 or RAID 10 setup.

    At the end of the day, you get what you pays for.
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  17. Thanks
  18. I'd use HostHorde. No trouble with them whatsoever :p $20 get unlimited ram (start with 6gb ram/50gb storage/ect and request more when needed)
  19. I wanted to quote the original poster but look at these prices of the host, so logical:
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