Looking gor a magic wand plugin.

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  1. Hello guys, sorry for my bad english, i need you, i dont know what and how to do this.

    I have for project to create a magic, rp server (like harry potter)

    for this project i would like to people learn spells at school like Avada Kedavra or
    Wingardium Leviosa. But i have no idea how to do this, the only way i found was to give to people one wand with a single spell. I would like to add more spell in a single wand like this :

    The student buy a wand before go to school for the first time, but in the futur he learn spell at school, so his wand can be use for much spells, not only one.

    Im really sorry for my english, hope u understnd what i mean. Thanks.
  2. You can use this plugin and work with the permissions in config