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  1. Hello Spigot Community,

    I have decided to keep this short as less is more if you understand my view point on this.

    Basically I am looking to get a group together with skills in plugin development, and web development. My servers run Centos 7.2 so some linux.

    So here is what I am looking for.....
    1. Small Plugin Development Team
    2. Small Web Development Team
    3. Skilled Graphic Designer(s)
    4. Anything that can be brought to the community if you have any development skills let me know.

    If you aren't a plugin developer or web developer don't bother with the reply as I am not looking for any other type of staff. These opportunities are volunteer based but you can earn some cash later on. Age doesn't matter. Developers have leading opportunities.

    Just post a reply and ill send you a message with my interest! I have a teamspeak server up right now and if you are picked i will give you the IP and we can discuss plans.
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  2. Don't skip this or disregard this message just because your dollar sign happy/hungry please. I am posting this just as real as I can be without that fake professionalism act most people put on. So please help me out and join aboard! Lets put Mineplex out of business!
  3. Are you willing to pay?
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    With two messages and zero ratings, along with no public resources or examples of your own work and professionalism, I suggest you wait until you try and create a team.
  5. According to the post, no but will receive money later on.
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  6. Nobody would work for free unless the server has a really unique idea and even then it's a stretch
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  7. Its worth a try in my opinion posting on the forums cost me $0. I am only trying to get a group together that is bored and want to create a server. I will provide the funds for the servers/website. I currently have a dedi as a matter of fact that is sitting idle because I want to work with a group to put it to use.

    I kept my post short and kept it simple because I am not a business I am just a guy who is bored and wants to work with others to build and run a community.
  8. I am sorry why are you posting this? I am trying to create a team right now that is the reason for this post. I am a person not a business there is a reason why I didn't professional type this because yes currently this a 'redneck gedo operation being ran in a basement'. If I am correct that is how you start... Steve Jobs started in a garage and his first development was sloppy and everyone after that as time grew on he perfected things.
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    There is a large difference between Steve Jobs and you. If you want to start a "group," I suggest you mingle with the community and get associated with people before asking others to join you. Right now, we have no good reasons why we should trust you, and you have no resources, vouches, or even ratings to bump you up.
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  10. I am clear there is a difference between us. However its a risk free opportunity. I can mingle with the community all I want. Im just posting and looking for wonders like myself to get together. You don't have to trust me or join me. I don't care about reasources, vouches, or even ratings. If I had resources I wouldn't be looking for a group.
  11. As a matter of fact you've already associated yourself with what I am trying to achieve. See anyone can be help even when they are trying to not. Thank you for keeping my post at the top of the board. I really appreciate your assistance in helping me achieve my goals.
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    I am not trying to be anything. I am simply giving you advice. You should not try to start a team when you have not been associated with the Spigot forums and it's members for less than a day.
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  13. Much appreciated but considering I run a company outside of these forums. That is something I just haven't had time to do.
  14. pillsburyboy, I can help you, I just need to say what kinda server you have and what kinda staff members you have, I can be developer.