Looking to host Bungee on a VPS, single 2.4Ghz processor 1gig of RAM

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  1. I am looking to host Bungee on a VPS with my DDoS protection provider. I am looking at 2 of the VPS setups and was wondering if anyone could tell me I could handle with the following solutions.

    Option 1:
    1x 2.4Ghz processor 1gig of RAM

    Option 2:
    2x 2.4Ghz processors and 2gig of RAM

    Also, does Bungee require a lot of Disk I/O? Or can I just safely run Bungee on the HDD with out issues?

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Since I asked them, its apparently a X3470.

    I had my server running on a shared x3360 for the first 3-4 months 75+ players.
    So I think it should be fine.

    Will be trying the service next week (I think), hopefully will have an answer on how that works out.
  3. jeff142


    just a FYI most VPS hosters with "ddos protection" will termite you if you get ddos'ed a lot (including buyvm)

    Why not go with #2 since its got higher ram?
  4. Ah, the X3470 has a little bit more power that what they are advertising.. I am wanting to have support for ~150-200 players with the intention to add more with the addition of my 3rd server in the future.

    Are you aware of your CPU utilization with ~75 players with the x3360?

    jeff142 I feel 1gig of RAM would be appropriate for a VPS just running strictly as a Bungee server. Just want to size this right without having overkill and paying an unnecessary amount
  5. jeff142


    Well you never pointed out prices :p i think 1gb is plenty. whos the host? just wondering.
  6. Ah, for that amount of money I'd just get a dedicated somewhere... but that's just me.
  7. I intend on having a dedicated elsewhere, I just want the VPS for Bungee and for DDoS mitigation.