Looking to make a hub

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by captianbob, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Where do you guys buy your Dedicated machines?
    And is it possible to not do it with a dedicated server? just like shared hosting?
  2. Noble Pro


    Secured Servers.

    It is possible, but you're quite limited on shared hosting.
  3. I use OVH for my dedicated servers, and if you plan to run 1 server yes it's possible with multiverse or any other similair plugin to create a hub etc. or just buy multiple small servers from a shared hosting company.
  4. I mean like buy multiple servers from a host and then combine them.
    and what do you mean quite limited?
  5. Noble Pro


    You're only getting a piece of the CPU etc...
  6. Makes sense. Let me ask you this though, i run a skyblock server already. If i were to buy a dedi server, could i like it to that hub? if that makes sense.
  7. OVH are still sold out -.-
  8. SoYouStart.com <--- OVH.
  9. Would the shared hosting plan work? Cuz im not sure how to setup servers on a dedicated machine. Im sure i could learn. but yea.