Solved Looks like Nether map corruption

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Gerolf, May 31, 2018.

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  1. Lately I had hude lags coming from entity PigZombie (for short periods of time), but I couldnt find them anywhere in the game.
    This time I noticed something strange. Group of players was travelling in the Nether and then they teleported to overworld. Immediately tps starts to drop. First 20 sec after they left Nether, more time
    Lags come from
    tickEntity - EntityPigZombie
    nether - doChunkUnload

    No players were in the Nether during lags. Then I entered Nether and lags gone.

    Is it some map corruption? And how to fix it? Does "repair region" option in MCEdit will help?
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  3. Have you tried optimizing your spigot file? Tried alternates to spigot such as Paper? What are the specs of your machine?
  4. I run server for 2 years and everything was fine until recent java update... Specs are ok, I can hold 30 players with no problems (dedicated server, i3 6100, 16G ram)
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  6. This looks to be a bad plugin, not a issue with the world. I suspect the plugin is running some tasks when nobody is in the nether.

    I'll try to give you more thorough advice when I get home
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