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    LordPermissions | Best Permissions Plugin - The best Permissions Plugin!

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    Fixed one bug

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  3. '''The best Permissions Plugin!"

    With out mysql (yet and last position in the todo list)

    Where is the laugh button?
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  4. I can help you with dutch. Pm me if you still need dutch ;)
  6. Hey Gomze

    Please allow multi group like

    One person can be Mayor + VIP and we have to be able to display the title they would like to have

    /perm user Tom group add Mayor
    /perm user Tom group add Vip
    /perm user Tom group set VIP

    Set will force the display of VIP in the chat
  7. Thanks for review :) in v2.0 i will first add a gui and mysql..than i can look: )
  8. Good waiting for your MYSQL then :)

    still Using PEX for now

    let us know when V2.0 is out/ keep your good job
  9. Thanks :) and i have no computer at the moment ^^ in about 1 Month i can recode
  10. I think what would be helpful on your plugin page is display what differences compared to other permission plugins.

    PermissionsEx is your competitor and so is zPermissions. Many people have accepted that they are better, but like that 1 star review I agree is not reasonable. I suggest make a chart and add features that people would like in their permissions plugin.

    I think if you could make a non MySQL and easy way to sync ranks on a bungeecord server, and also add possibly a permission for users to change their tags, in case they are donors or if the server allows it.

    I can come up with more ideas, just pointing out.
  11. Thanks for this review! In v2 is cooming MySQL (can be disables), a config and a GUI! With Bungee i can look. But with this review i can work! Thanks!
  12. Is there a feature to set the rank color &I chat color? If not, then can you please add it? Thanks!