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  1. Yes it is:)
  2. How about the chart picture on your plugin page to show more features than other permissions plugins?
  3. Ok thanks! Waiting for the big update :3

    Nice plugin!
  4. The Big updarte is in 1 Month...im sry but i have no computer at the moment:/
  5. Like Pex? Pex has to much commands. Beginners cant work with pex. This Plugin is very easy;)
  6. so are you admitting pex is still better?
  7. Ok np. Can you tell me, how to add the rank & chat color to a rank? Cause I didn't test the plugin, cause I'm also out.
    Can you just tell me how, via pm or here, and I'll try it when I'll be back?

  8. Omnivion


    Poorly written code, with slightly misleading feature(s).
  9. If you learned pex first, than yes
  10. If you think ^^
  11. Look at the page, suffix and prefix;)
  12. Oh.

    Wait.. If I do:
    Prefix: &5 - The nickname will be purple?
    Suffix: &9 - Chat color will be dark Aqua?
    Because in PEX it doesn't support colors and also I'd doesn't read suffix to the chat color..
    Will it work in your plugin?
  13. Yes, it will work! :)
  14. Ok! Thanks a lot! When I'll come back, I'll try it!
  15. Cool, i hope you enjoy the plugin.:)
  16. Than remove "BEST PERMISSIONS PLUGIN" from your plugin page. It is inaccurate and is less advanced than Pex or zPermissions.
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  17. Everyone can say for him is this the best or not...look at my rewies...some people says its the best, some says pex is better:)
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  18. This sounds like Veron all over again.
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  19. Demonly


    Actually it doesn't, the best in ones mind is completely different than someone elses mind.
    Just because Chocolate is the Best in my mind, doesn't mean Vanilla is actually better.
  20. What you mean with this?:)