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  1. Omnivion


    It's not a matter of thinking; you failed to follow the most basic Java conventions.
  2. If you mean:)
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  3. Hello. I see that the prefixes works just in one world where I connect. When I switch, they don't work anymore. What's the problem? Thank you, have a nice day.
  4. Is there any error in console? Other prefix in other world or on other server?
  5. No, but if I install a chat modifier I can make it work. Thank you for your support.
  6. If its done ok. If not please explain youre problem :)
  7. It isn't. I could add just few prefixes with my chance, but I don't know how to set your plugin for all the worlds. I mean: when I enter in the Lobby works, but when I get out it for going to the survival it stops working. Permissions are remaining, but you know how vips are made... They want their fancy prefix which can make them happy... How can I figure this out? PermissionsEx is not working anymore on 1.8.8...
  8. Ou....ok..i will look what i can do :)
  9. Thank you. Recently PermissionsEx has some issues with 1.8.8 and I'd need this awesome plugin.
  10. Demonly


    Yeah Pex has been having issues for me as well, been having rollbacks.
  11. I know how to solve them. I'm doing my best.
  12. Nice plugin =)
    It is possible to add cooldown with a rank ?
  13. His exchange which of group manager?
  14. What you mwan
  15. So you mean a rank for a day?
  16. yeah, or month.
    For V.I.P rank ^^
  17. Added to ToDo list :)