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  1. Gomze submitted a new resource:

    Reporter - German (I can write in English)

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  2. Inkzzz

    Resource Staff

    Make a language.yml file(s)
  3. k :)
  4. can i have this plugin in french or english or othervise do something like we can change the message in the config.yml
  5. so all kind of peaople can use it
  6. I never worked with configs, but i can try :) I can give you the French Plugin in 2-3 Weeks, because i cant use my Computer now. Thanks for you Review!
  7. no screenshot?
  8. Do not think that this is important. Test it ;)
  9. Add configurable messages :p
  10. For what exactly? I think theres not much to change ^^
  11. Add Prefix, message for thanks your for your report blabla.
    Staff notification message.
    When you delete report, see report etc..
    Or you can give us source code so we can edit that by ourselves.
  12. If you leave a good review i will think about it :p
  13. You do realize that you would have to remove this resource and upload new one as premium for it to actually have price?
  14. Hey RealmMianite. Nice to see you here :eek: :D

    Well, i'm always joking with my Plugin.
    Like: EASTER SALE: 100%!

    I will never make this Plugin (And my other Lord Plugins)