Lores + Item ID Help?

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  1. I created two lores from the Lores plugin...

    Lore #1:
    Pig Tag
    Created lore from Name Tag item.

    Lore #2:
    Chicken Tag
    Created lore from Name Tag item.


    I used item2command plugin which allows for items to be used as commands.

    I added the command "pet pig", which spawns a pet pig, to the 'Pig Tag' lore.
    I added the command "pet chicken", which spawns a pet chicken, to the 'Chicken Tag' lore.

    Although, both of these lores spawn the pet pig because item2command I guess, uses their ID's, which are the same as the original Name Tag item's ID.


    Is there a way to set up both lores so they use two different commands? Can I create a new Name Tag item with a different ID? Can I change the ID of the lores?

    Thank you so much for the help.
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  2. I guess item2command only uses the item id. The item id is totally unrelated with the item's name or lore. The id specifies its a dirt block or a stone block f.e., but both could be named "Iron Ingot" with any lore.

    To solve your problem, you'd need a different plugin than item2command or contact it's author to add the required functionality.
    If you have no success contacting the author and you don't find another working commands on item plugin, pm me and I might create one.